Jorge Alvaredo

Architectural Designer

As an Architectural Designer with Architrave Ltd., Jorge is responsible for project design and development through all stages from conception through completion.  He has five years of experience in the practice of architecture.

Mr. Alvarado holds a Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Illinois of Chicago. He joined Architrave in 2018 and is participating in the following projects:

University of Chicago, IME Design Lab—HEP, Lab & Lecture Space Build out: Chicago, Illinois [2018]

University of Illinois at Chicago, COMRB Bioengineering Lab Upgrade: Chicago, Illinois [2018]

Our Lady of Guadalupe, New Recreation Center: Chicago, Illinois [2018]

Rush University Medical Center, GI Expansion Clinic: Chicago, Illinois [2018]

University of Illinois at Chicago, BSL Lab Renovation: Chicago, Illinois [2018-]

Prior to joining Architrave Ltd., Jorge gained experience working for the following firms and projects:

Holabird & Root: 2013-2018

Position: Architectural Intern 

U of C Doneghue Charter School, Chicago IL, [2017]

Perspective Charter IIT Academy, Chicago IL, [2017]

St. Catharine’s Senior Developments, St. Catherines ON, Canada [2018]